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✈️ Welcome to JetStart.

An entrepreneurial experience to take your business to the next level and connect you with other ambitious and successful entrepreneurs.

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who’s hungry for success and obsessed with growing your business?

JetStart is a one of kind, entrepreneurial experience that connects you with 9 other ambitious, successful entrepreneurs and brings you together in one of the hottest and most exciting cities in Miami.

Get ready for an action packed week full of one on one coaching with our dedicated mentors, learning intensive workshops on the topics that matter most for your business, and fun adventures all over Miami.

If you’re ready for some explosive growth in your business, an amazing network of entrepreneurs and mentors to reach out to whenever you like, and memories that will last a lifetime, then it’s time for you to join us.

Apply below for your chance at a once in a lifetime trip that will change your business forever.

Date to Be Announced

Five nights packed with opportunity to work hard and play even harder.

12 Driven Entrepreneurs

All bringing together various skillsets, in combination with the mentors and coaches.

A Luxury Beachside Villa

Equipped with luxury vehicles for transportation, and amenities for work and relaxation.

Miami, Florida

Located in the heart of the richest city in the United States, with a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Meet a Few of Our Coaches

Learn from experienced entrepreneurs, with a proven track record.

James currently runs a marketing and distribution company which generates six figures in monthly revenue. Operating out of a 1,500 square foot warehouse in rural Massachusetts, he's been able to build up software systems that help automate the business and ease growing pains as it rapidly scales upward. This allows him to work on his Facebook Advertising campaigns and orchestrate freight logistics all remotely from his laptop.

James Yanyuk
Founder of Berkshire Trade LLC

Ignite Mind and Body gives ambitious entrepreneurs and young professionals the edge they need to get more work done and beat the competition. Ignite has been featured in various magazine, won entrepreneurship competitions, and is wrapping up the end of an intensive accelerator program. With our healthy, high quality, and effective supplements, we are aiming to changing the world and make everyone the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Jake Bernstein
Founder of Ignite Mind and Body LLC

Kyle is a team-member at NextChar, a clean-tech startup that promises to combat climate change in an economical fashion. He is focused on fundraising and market development for NextChar. In addition to that, he assists other start-ups in the fundraising process and overall business development.

Kyle Ferguson
Corporate Development at NextChar and New Energy Investors

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

JetStart is all about building life long relationships with other like-minded, high-level entrepreneurs.

Get ready to surround yourself with others who will push you to grow, challenge you to test your limits, and work with you to solve the tough problems standing between you and explosive growth.

You’re the average of the five people you spend most time with. Let’s make sure those five people are as ambitious and passionate as you are.

Get Access to Essential Workshops on Need to Know Topics in Entrepreneurship Today

We teach you the exact skills you need to know to thrive in business today. Learn relevant and essential skills that will separate you from the pack and take your business to new heights.

A few of the workshops included:

Drive Massive Traffic to Your Site with Content

Learn to bring thousands of unique visitors to your website without having to pay a single dollar. Create life long, loyal customers who will champion your brand and buy your products. Content marketing is a powerful tool tool any business, get ready to add it to your skillset.

How to Use Facebook Ads to Generate Valuable Leads

No matter how specific your target market is, Facebook Ads will let you talk directly to them. Get your message across to your customers and let them know who you are and why they need your product. Learn exactly what you need to know connect with your customer and get them coming to your website in droves.

Converting Site Vistors to Paying Customers

Getting visitors to your site is the first half of the puzzle, but how do you actually get them to buy your products? Learn the different tools, tactics, and email sequences that will get visitors eager to spend money on your site. Flip the switch in their heads that gets them buying and you’ll benefit for years to come.

How to Negotiate like a Pro with Suppliers and Employers

When it’s time to scale your business, negotiation skills can make or break your growth. A savvy negotiator can turn any potential deal in his favor and save large amounts of money for his business. Learn the exact things to do and phrases to say to negotiate like a pro and bring your business saving after saving.

Have specific skills you want to learn or area you want to work on?

Contact us and let us know! Our dedicated mentors want to watch you grow and will do whatever it takes to help you sky-rocket your business.

Welcome to Our Home Base and Beachside Work Station

We have everything you’ll need to grow your business and enjoy your free time in luxury and style.

Whether you’re relaxing in our heated pool or getting work done on our waterfront patio, our penthouse is sure to be the perfect destination for work and vacation alike.

Stocked with a full kitchen and spacious living area, we have all your food and drink needs covered, along with room for you to relax and kick back.

With our lightening fast wifi of 60MB/s, open work areas to collaborate, and private rooms to take business calls and think through deep problems, we know that your new home away from home will keep you productive, as well as rejuvenated and ready for more.

An Exciting Variety of Fun Events Catered Towards the Hard Working Entrepreneur

Get ready for one of the best weeks of your life. When we’re not working on business back at the penthouse, we’ll be taking trips to some of the best beaches, bars, and events that Miami has to offer.

Taste the delicious food at the beach side restaurants, relax in the warm sand and sun, and party in the hottest night clubs in Miami. Check out the awe-striking street art of the Design District, rejuvenate in a relaxing day spa, and enjoy networking happy hours with free open bar. Miami has everything you’ll need to make sure this trip is your best one yet.

We have all transportation and logistics covered, so all you have to do is focus on having an amazing time and getting to know all the other like minded entrepreneurs you’ll be spending the week with.

🏁 Our Goal

Explosive growth for you business doesn’t just happen by luck. It takes knowledgeable mentors, a supportive network, and a productive work environment.

At JetStart, we give you all three so that there’s nothing stoping you from taking your business to new heights and reaching your full potential.

Lets work together to grow your business, build up your network, and have an amazing time making memories you’ll never forget.

“All your ideas may be solid or even good .. But you have to Actually EXECUTE on them for them to matter.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

📝 Access the JetStart Alumni Community

A private Facebook group connecting you with other JetStart Alumni and Dedicated Mentors.

  • Exclusive access to the knowledge of all of our mentors and alumni.
  • Ask any questions you have and brainstorm solutions to any problems you’re stuck on.
  • Monthly mastermind calls, where you can work live and one on one with our mentors to solve pressing problems, while also learning from other Alumni and their business challenges.

📝 How to Apply

We’re excited to work with you and bring your business to the next level!

But to guarantee we give you the most one on one time possible, we limit our trips to 10 applicants at a time. We want you to be one of those 10 applicants, so schedule a quick 15 minute call and let us get to know you better. If you’re ready to bring massive growth to your business and start crushing your goals, click the button below and schedule a call with us.

Hear more about our trips, and join us! 🥂

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